Caring, Respectful Reiki Treatments & Classes Which
Honor Your Innate Dignity & Wisdom! 

Reiki is a light touch therapy which was started in Japan in the early twentieth century by Mikao Usui.
Reiki is a very gentle subtle healing art which promotes balance in body, mind,
and spirit. Treatments are always done with great respect and concern for

each individual client.

During a treatment, the practitioner lightly places his or her hands respectfully on various sites of the body.  Clients remain fully clothed and the practitioner can also position their hands a few inches above the body for those who are uncomfortable with light touch. While each treatment is unique, clients generally report feeling an improved sense of well being along with a deep sense of support after a Reiki treatment.

Click on the short TV interview link near the bottom of this page to see Sandy Ploth and friends discuss and demonstrate Reiki.

Valid studies have shown Reiki to be effective in:
reducing pain
inducing relaxation response
reducing stress and anxiety
boosting the immune system
assisting patients after cardiac events
supporting clarity & decision making
supporting terminally ill patients and their families

helping to reduce side effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy

You do not have to adhere to any particular belief system for Reiki to be beneficial. 
Reiki is also an easily learned healing art that is now taught and practiced throughout the world.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning Reiki. 

Serving eastern Nassau & western Suffolk Counties
Home visits & distant healing appointments may also be arranged.

Sandy Ploth, RN Reiki Master

Sandy Ploth, RN Reiki Master